A Comprehensive Guide to Episode: Choose Your Story


Episode: Choose Your Story is the best game that comes under the category of simulation-based games. In it, players have to choose the story which they like, or you can say according to their taste and preferences among all different stories and then play the game by completing that story. Users are free to choose any story in the game, and they also are free to complete as much story as possible or as they want. The stories in the game depend on horror, adventure, romance, drama, love and many more.

Not only is this, in the same game there is various interesting tasks and activities present which the individuals need to do. Gamers have to make sure that they are performing all the activities and tasks in Episode: Choose Your Story to earn a good amount of in-game currency in the form of gems and passes. It is vital for the users and individuals that they earn a good amount of in-game currency as to go far in Episode: Choose Your Story. The more amounts of gems and passes they have in the game the easier it becomes for you to deal properly with Episode: Choose Your Story.

Easy methods to earn in-game currency

Well, in-game currency as you know is the more important concept which includes in Episode: Choose Your Story. Therefore, it is significant for you to enhance your attention on the gameplay and several methods which can assist you in earning a good amount of in-game currency. Players can also get the gems and passes without playing the game by using Episode Cheats. The methods are given below –

  • Players can earn a lot by connecting the game with their Facebook account.
  • They can also grab a good amount of money by using the sign-up option in the game.
  • Players can earn gems by completing more numbers of stories and by accomplishing more challenges or events.

Therefore, in Episode: Choose Your Story users are having a good choice whether they have to earn currency by these above-given fair methods or by making use of Episode Cheats.

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