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The game we are thinking about is the world’s top grossing game nowadays. Jurassic World Alive is available free of cost on various websites for both IOS and Android users. The game contains different types of creatures and mainly dinosaurs. The most important task in the game is to track animals with the help of drone and collect DNA samples in order to lead the game. The gamers have to build their own dino team in order to play the game properly.

The game consist two main aspects in it i.e. fusion and evolving. Following are detailed given about the evolving and fusion process –

  • Evolving – In it the users have to evolve their dinosaurs in order to increase their stats and powers, skills, abilities etc. The users must have upgrade their dinosaurs in order to make it more powerful and dangerous. It is necessary to enhance the stats of the dinosaurs. Below are some types of stats:
    • speed
    • Skill
    • Armor
    • Hp
    • Deal Damage
  • Fusion – It is like breeding and the gamers should need at least two dinosaurs to unlock third. It is essential to unlock the main dinosaur that is Majudasuchus. Fusion is the perfect way to un lock various legendary and more powerful dinosaurs. To upgrade or breed dinosaurs one must need enough amount of dino coins.

Dino Coins

These coins are used in fusion and evolving of dinosaurs. Dino coins are earned by playing more an d more and also by collecting DNA. It is necessary to have a good amount of dino coins to breed more and more dinosaurs. Darts are another main in-game currency so by trying Jurassic World Alive Hack which is used to perform the same work.


It is the main task in Jurassic World Alive as the battle plays a most important role in the game. If the user want to unlock battle modes or battles then it is important to have at least 4 dinosauars. In battle mode the gamers have to fight with online players all across the world. It helps the users to earn trophies and so many other rewards.

To win the battle in Jurassic World Alive game one must defeat at least 3 dinosaurs. By doing the same process the gamers get incubator as reward. When the user earn incubator and open it they get  the DNA of the Dinosaur and lots of dino coins and darts.





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